Borehole Drilling Services in Kenya

Some areas usually experience water shortages due to lack of enough rain to fill up the rivers. Since there is no way that one can survive without water, then there is need to find other ways that the water can be obtained. One of these techniques is through drilling of boreholes. This technique is being employed even in places where there is water as people have realized that the water obtained is also very clean. There are many companies which offer borehole drilling services in Kenya. These companies are well equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure they drill clean water. These companies offer a wide variety of borehole drilling services to anyone who needs them.

Some of the borehole drilling services in Kenya include:

  • Borehole refurbishment

Just like any other construction, a well-constructed borehole will offer its services for a very long period of time without requiring any services or major maintenances. The refurbishment services are meant to ensure that the borehole remains in good condition and may also be a way of restoring the previous status of the borehole.

For example, there are those holes which when they are dug, they will start reducing the initial amount of water that they used to produce, this means that they will need to be refurbished so as to restore their lost glory.

  • Borehole equipping

There is a wide variety of equipment that can be used in a borehole. Many borehole drilling companies in Kenya have the latest equipment that they use to drill water from holes. These machines are of the latest technology, and they are very efficient compared to the previous ones. Their efficiency ensures that the whole drilling process runs smoothly without many problems arising during the drilling.

  • Borehole surveying

Surveying is an important aspect of the whole procedure of drilling for any company dealing with borehole drilling in Kenya. This is because it helps to determine some of the impacts that the drilling will have to the nearby boreholes as well as those other features that are dependent on the same water. This surveying will also help to determine the long term service of the water. The quality of the water will also be given by these analysis.

The technicians who carry out these services are well trained and their services are the best that anyone can get. They also make use of equipments that are of the new technology which makes their results accurate and reliable.

  • Aquifer testing

These tests are carried out using the set standards of practice. This ensures that all the rules which need to be followed are observed and the all the parameters which are used to do the testing are all approved by the board which deals with environment matters.

The testing is done to trace large deposits of water and find out the extent through which the water table has extended. This gives a rough idea of the amount of water that can be drilled.

    • Pump and the control systems

This service includes all the services which deal with the installation, supplying as well as management of the equipment. Many of those firms who offer borehole drilling services in Kenya have very high quality pumps which will provide the best service.